Gifted Awareness Week

Gifted Awareness Week Australia was founded in 2015 by the Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented (AAEGT) to raise awareness of the identification, support and learning needs of gifted children and to celebrate the dedication of individuals and educational bodies who are making a positive difference in the lives of gifted children and their families.


Gifted Awareness Week (GAW) 2020 was held between the 15th to 21st of March and was centred on the national theme, 

Wellbeing – A No Limits Approach

Gifted Awareness Week (GAW) 2018 was held between the 18th and 24th of March and was centred on the national theme, 

Acceptance: Diversity and Equality.


    Gifted Awareness Week (GAW) 2016 was held between the 13th and 19th of March and celebrated the lived experience of giftedness through a national poetry competition for all ages.

Gifted Awareness Week (GAW) 2019 was held between the 17th and 23rd of March and was centred on the national theme, 


Gifted Awareness Week (GAW) 2017 was held between the 12th and 18th of March and was centred on the national theme, 

Diversity: Recognise, Realise, Respond.

The inaugural Gifted Awareness Week (GAW) 2015 was launched to raise community awareness of giftedness, and to promote activities that celebrate giftedness in all its forms.