Gifted Awareness Week

Gifted Awareness Week Australia 2020:
Events Registration

Thank you for your interest in running a local event during Gifted Awareness Week (GAW) Australia 2020.

GAW Australia is project of the Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented (AAEGT). It is a national celebration that focuses on raising the agenda of gifted education in our country.

In 2019, GAW is centered around the theme ‘Belonging’. We encourage you to run an event that encompasses or acknowledges this theme. Consider ‘Who Belongs?’ in the conversation about giftedness, ‘What is Belonging?’ for gifted children, their families and educators; and ‘How do we Belong?’ in the Australia-wide effort to raise awareness.

Running a local event means that you are contributing to a nation-wide conversation about giftedness.

When you submit this form you will receive the GAW logo and joint statement to use on your promotional material. We ask all event organisers to use the GAW logo and statement as this will raise the profile of GAW across the country, and shows we have a strong and united voice.

The format of your event is up to you. Consider your audience and available resources. It could be a coffee catch-up, online event, picnic, competition, professional learning, information session, display, field trip, activity etc – the possibilities are endless! GAW is intended to include everyone in some way, and so we hope that cost will be free or minimal where possible. You are responsible for advertising your event to your target audience, and we will support you by putting information on the GAW website and social media. Even if your event is a private, school-based or members-only event, please share the information about your event so we can display and celebrate the many events occurring nation-wide. Disclaimer: The AAEGT and it’s volunteers are not responsible for insurance related to your event and do not hold any financial obligation. This service is simply for the dissemination of information.

You can edit this form at any time after you have submitted it. Your email address, phone number and name will not be published without your permission.